Courtroom Success

Greg has demonstrated, time and again, that he is capable of communicating complicated information effectively and persuasively to judges and juries of all backgrounds and in many different regions of the country. As examples, Greg has obtained dismissals, jury verdicts and defense judgments in difficult environmental cases, a RICO case filed as a class action (California Superior Court), a fraud case filed by multiple parties against one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies (United States District Court, California Superior Court and Texas State Court), stock option vesting cases, (California Superior Court), a contract indemnity case (U.S. District Court, E.D. New York) and in unfair business practice cases filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles and in New York. Although some of these cases were appealed, they have all been affirmed.

Communicating Difficult Cases

Greg is experienced in trials and litigation which present racial, economic, social, community, labor and other sensitive issues as a part of the underlying case. Many of Greg’s cases generate government or media interest and he is trained and thoroughly experienced to handle the political and media facets to higher profile litigation.

Professional Experience

Before founding Integer, Greg was an equity partner with Wall Street’s Milbank Tweed. Prior to Milbank, Greg headed Orrick’s Litigation Department in San Francisco. Drawing upon his exposure to sophisticated, million and billion dollar cases, and over two decades of big law firm experience, Greg established Integer as a selective trial boutique to focus more closely on client needs.

Public Recognition and Profiles

In various U.S. and international publications, Greg has been called “prominent,” “preeminent,” “the go to litigator,” “esteemed,” “top,” “star,” “coveted,” and “elite.” These publications include The National Law Journal, The American Lawyer, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Bloomberg and the Daily Journal.

Greg has lead clients through many U.S. Department of Justice and state attorneys’ general investigations involving environmental issues.

When helpful to a client’s case, and when requested by clients, Greg has appeared on various national and local news shows and in newspapers. Greg has also testified and prepared clients for testimony before several U.S. congressional committees and many state and federal regulatory agencies.

The following are some of his more notable engagements:

Americas Smelting and Refining Corporation, LLC (ASARCO LLC)
Greg currently serves ASARCO LLC as its primary outside litigation counsel on environmental claims made by the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. EPA, the U.S. Department of the Interior, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, and numerous state attorneys’ general relating to ASARCO LLC’s operation of mining, smelting and refining businesses over the past 100 years in 30 different states.

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Greg obtained numerous dismissals of civil and criminal complaints against Sherwin-Williams for alleged environmental damages. Most recently, Greg successfully represented Sherwin-Williams in a wide-scale California Attorney General’s investigation, and related litigation, which ended in complete abandonment of all claims against the company, no finding of fault, no payment of fine or any other adverse consequence. In a recent Federal Grand Jury proceeding commenced in the Central District of California, Greg led The Sherwin-Williams Company, the target of that investigation, to an outcome that resulted in no payment of any fine, penalty or settlement.

Vodafone Group
While serving as primary U.S. outside litigation counsel for Vodafone Group, Greg achieved jury defense verdicts, arbitration awards and bench trial judgments for Vodafone in cases involving trade secret misappropriation, technology-related contract disputes including cross-broader issues, joint venture disputes, corporate change in control and stock option vesting.

3M Corporation
In a class-certified action entitled, Common Cause v. 3M Corporation, a case alleging that certain 3M products exposed consumers and handlers of certain products to an increased risk of cancer, Mr. Evans obtained a defense judgment for 3M in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Nike, Inc.
Greg has represented Nike in high-profile litigation where a negative outcome could impact the Nike brand adversely. Recently, Greg defeated on summary judgment two major, unrelated business discrimination cases filed in U.S. District Court (Los Angeles and New York). Greg also recently knocked out a significant consumer class action case for Nike, before class certification.

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF)
Beginning in 1990, Greg successfully represented BNSF in environmental and commercial cases in jury and bench trials. As examples, Greg defeated a land use and community wide class-action seeking to prevent the railroad’s expansion and merger. This result was affirmed on appeal. Greg coordinated and directed BNSF’s response to the Cajon Pass Derailment, one of the largest freight train accidents in U.S. history. As a leader of response and defense activities, Greg successfully represented the company through a grand jury investigation (without indictment). Greg also defeated each of the class-action lawsuits alleging toxic tort and environmental harms from the Cajon Pass catastrophe. Representing BNSF and Amtrak, Greg also obtained a defense verdict for both railroads in claims of catastrophic damages caused by the railroads near Los Angeles’ Union Station. Greg spearheaded the well known Brown and Bryant environmental litigation in 1994.

Mendoza, et al. v. State of California, et al.
In this California state constitutional powers litigation, Greg represented the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”), in cooperation with other law firms, to defeat an effort by the Mayor of Los Angeles to control LAUSD schools. The trial court decided this case in favor of LAUSD, the League of Women Voters and Congresswoman Diane Watson. This decision was later upheld on appeal (3-0).

Station Casinos
Greg recently defeated land use litigation brought to gain control of commercial property to be used for a casino and supporting commercial development in California’s Central Valley. See New York Times article. Greg also assisted in Station Casinos’ successful reorganization.

Federal Grand Jury – Alleged Environmental Crimes
Shut down efforts to indict mining company during a federal grand jury in Montana on alleged major environmental crimes. See National Law Journal.

Freedom of Information Act – Environmental Records
Lawsuit against the United States EPA in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., achieving orders requiring EPA to produce records it claimed it did not possess.

Zuffa’s Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC
Gregory Evans has represented UFC in a variety of cases including a major worldwide DVD distribution dispute.  Greg represented UFC successfully in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution surrounding UFC’s acquisition of Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships.

Integer Law Corporation is a 100 percent minority owned professional services company.